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Blocked Drains and Blocked Drainage

Drains are now finding it hard to cope with the amount of waste being disposed of. Old drainage systems are becoming damaged by tree branches and waste that is clogging up the Dallas plumbing system. Like everything, drainage systems need maintaining and checking every so often to prevent drain blockages.

Blocked drains can occur from the build up of waste, leakage, subsidence, ground movement, corrosion and tree root infiltration. To prevent these blockages from affecting you or your neighbours, it is best to get a CCTV drain survey done by your local drain specialists to find the route of the problem. Once the route of the problem is found, your drain specialists will usually give you a copy of the survey with any problems and how they can resolve them.

As drains are awkward to get to, special equipment has been developed to both view and repair blocked drains without having to disrupt any land by digging. CCTV Drain surveys are small remote units that allow the drainage company to view large lengths of your drain on a monitor. This is a much more cost efficient and less disruptive way of diagnosing a blocked drain, without having to dig up any land.

If the CCTV drain survey does show a sign of a blocked drain, depending on how extensive and where the drain blockage is, will determine the type of equipment and techniques used to unblock the drain.

To unblock a drain full of debris and waste, one of the following techniques can be used dependent on the scale of the blockage:

Drain Rodding is a simple technique used to push the blockage through using steel rods, allowing the system to flow freely once again.

High Pressure Water Jetting is used to strip away deposits and waste stuck to pipe walls, allowing the system to free flow again.

Electro-mechanical Cleaning is a technique used to purge and de scale waste pipes and main sewers. The long and flexible Steel cables are fitted with blades which cut through debris and hardened waste as well as tree roots to help restore the pipe.

Tanker Jetting is for larger sewers and culverts that need cleaning without a nearby water supply.

If your drain is structurally damaged - perhaps by tree roots, or broken pipes, then drain patching and drain re-lining will usually solve the problem. Drain Lining is a method used without digging up the ground, where your lining is inserted and positioned in your drain to fix any leaks, broken pipes and cracks. However if the problem is much larger and the drain has completely collapsed, you will need to have you drain excavated, which will require replacing the pipe.


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