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Clogged drain company

Our Money Saving Kit

Drain Doctor technicians are pleased to offer discounts!

When our Dallas plumbing contractor arrives at your property to clear the initial drain stoppage, any additional line you choose to have cleaned will be discounted!! Ask our friendly office staff or service technicians for details!

Kitchen Sinks

  • DO run cold water through disposal during and after use.

  • DO pour hot water down the drain once a week.

  • DO check garbage disposal to be sure it is grinding food thoroughly.

  • DON'T put coffee grounds, tea bags or eggshells in the garbage disposal.

  • DON'T pour grease down the drain.

  • DON'T put stringy foods such as celery, corn stalks or banana peels in the disposal.

Laundry Drains

  • DO use moderate amounts of biodegradable detergent.

  • DON'T obstruct washer drain pipe at wall; it could damage your washer.


  • DON'T flush any paper but toilet tissue.

  • DON'T flush Paper Towels

  • DON'T flush Feminine Products

  • DON'T flush Baby Wipes


  • DO use strainers on all drains and keep them clean in order to prevent stoppages caused by a build-up of soap, hair, bath and body oils.

Sewer Lines

  • DO flush 1/2 cup of rock salt down the toilet once a week at bedtime to help retard root growth in the sewer line during the late summer and fall months. Flush once and wait at least one hour before reflushing.

Remember... cover all other outlets when using a plunger! For example, when plunging the kitchen sink make sure to completely cover the drain in the other side of a double sink. Before plunging a lavatory, bathroom sink or bathtub, be sure to plug off the overflow.

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