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The Importance Of Your Plunger

dallas drain cleaning without a plungerEvery  Dallas Metro home should have at least one plunger. Also known variously as the plumberís friend, plumberís helper and plumberís mate, the plunger should be the first tool in your hand when drain cleaning is needed. Both toilet and sink plungers are available from hardware centers and a variety of other stores.

Inexpensive as well as indispensable, a plunger can usually get rid of minor blockages without too much trouble. Whether you are dealing with a toilet, sink or tub drain, you should try using the plunger when you suspect a blockage before attempting any other solution. Either a toilet or sink plunger is simple to use and does not require a great deal of strength.

A sink plunger consists of a rubber cup that is attached to a wooden stick and fits over a sink or similar opening, forming a seal. By pushing the cup against the drain and then pulling it up quickly the user creates suction that can loosen or break up a blockage. A toilet plunger works on the same principle but is designed to fit into the bottom of a flush toilet and has a flange that enters the exit pipe, also forming a seal. By flipping the flange inside the toilet plunger you can adapt it for use as a sink plunger if necessary.

A word of warning: if you have first tried a chemical drain cleaner, donít use a plunger immediately as some of the cleaner could splash into your eyes.

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