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Plugged Up Drain No Longer A Problem

With two basic tools almost every drain can be easily cleaned the first simple tool is a plunger is to make purchased in any hardware store for under $10.00. The second tool is necessary for cleaning clogged drains is a snake or otherwise known as a hand augur these can be purchased also any hardware store usually from but $10.00to $20.00.

For an example we’re going to use a standard kitchen sink drain, most kitchen sink drains also include a garbage disposal and connected to a garbage disposal is generally connected the drain line for your dishwasher. If you are going to use a plunger on your kitchen sink I first recommend that you purchase the plunger that he’s used only on sinks. Now before you began plunging your kitchen sink you’ll need to plug the drain for your dishwasher if you do not plug the drained your dishwasher you could force dirty sink water back up into your dishwasher. If you can either remove the hose and plug it. The easiest way is to simply use a pair of vice grip pliers to pinch the hose shut.

But if a snake and other hand to similar to a long spring you can start the end of the water down the drain and crank the cranking motion will cause the auger to spin around and around cleaning the drain If as they augur spends you may feed it down the drain in most cases the train will be plugged up at the trap which is located under the sink in most cases once the auger has penetrated to 3ft. the drain will be clear and water will begin to drain out.

If by chance the clog is on the side of your sink that also has the garbage disposal you may have additional problems try turning on your disposal does it sound and normal or does it just hum? If it just homes but or does not make a noise of all your garbage disposal is more than likely jammed most disposals now come with a and Allen ranch that allows you to turn the disposal backwards this is usually located at the bottom of the disposal. Simply turn the disposal few times in reverse and this should clear the blockage if the disposal fails to start you may want to check your circuit breakers.

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